Getting dental care shouldn’t be impossible to come by and you shouldn’t have to stress about finances in order to give your family the dental care they deserve. Our Bakersfield, CA, dentist Dr. Ivan Medina-Martinez and our entire dental team believe that everyone should have access to quality dentistry, from preventive cleanings to extensive dental work.

Are you living in California and currently worried about how you are going to afford dental care for you and your family? If you said “yes” this is where Denti-Cal comes in. Denti-Cal, which is part of the Medi-Cal insurance system, provides patients of all ages with low-cost and free dental care depending on the type of dentistry you are receiving.

Through Denti-Cal you can receive a variety of dental benefits including free preventive dental care such as:

  • X-rays and dental exams
  • Preventive cleanings
  • Fluoride treatment

Along with preventive dental care coverage Denti-Cal will also cover restorative dental care such as dental fillings, root canals, dental crowns and dentures. In fact, any necessary dental services you require, Denti-Cal will cover it. If you have questions about the type of procedures and dental care covered by Denti-Cal don’t hesitate to ask us next time you are in our office or you can call Medi-Cal directly.

We also offer flexible payment plans and CareCredit because we like to give our patients options when it comes to getting affordable dentistry. We know that everyone’s situation is different but being able to provide your family with routine checkups, cleanings and exams to keep teeth and gums healthy is paramount. After all, our oral health also affects our general health, so coming in every six months for checkups could stave off potentially serious health conditions and complications like heart disease and diabetes.

No one should have to worry about whether or not they will be able to get quality dental care and no one should neglect their oral health because of financial issues. Talk to our dentist today to learn more about the different payment options we offer in-house, as well as the different health insurance programs we accept. We want to give you something to smile about.

If you have questions about Denti-Cal or any of the dental services we offer here in Bakersfield CA, don’t hesitate to call us today at (661) 741-0310.

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